Training and Education

Training and Education



  • Do you want to learn some surf skills ?
  • Do you want to gain some fitness ?
  • Are you new to the area and looking for a way to meet people in an idyllic (and iconic) outdoor setting ?


You don’t need to be a “super athlete” to gain invaluable skills. Our qualified instructors have experience in surf education and can develop candidates.

Candidates need to be a minimum of 13 years old for the SRC and 15 years old for the Bronze.

The following courses will be provided by the club and group sessions should become available.

Please click the course for more information about the course.

Course Details
Bronze Medallion Click here
Surf Rescue Certificate Click here
First Aid Certificate TBC
Radio Operator Certificate TBC
Spinal Management TBC
Advanced Resuscitation Techniques TBC
IRB Driver TBC
IRB Crewperson TBC
Beach Management TBC


To enroll into the Bronze or SRC course please review the following process – Here

Please contact our club Training Officer via if you would like further information on the above courses.

You will need to bring along your training enrollment form filled out and signed to the first day of your course – enrollment form

Please also have a read of the SLSNSW Participant Handbook before the course starts.

For all available awards and pre requisites please click this link: Awards Chart

To make a payment and for all online payment services, please visit the Payment gateway – click Here


Bronze Medallion

Award Members Non Members
$80.00 $130.00
($50 membership fee
+ $80 Course Fee)
SRC $80.00 $130.00


SRC will be the same costs as Bronze

Once a club member has attained either of the above awards they do not pay for any other awards if they remain as patrolling members of KD.

Other Awards and Costs

Fees for members or non-members who wish to attain any of the following awards:

Award Members Non Members
Snr First Aid $65.00 $110.00
Work Cover
Snr First Aid $65.00 $110.00
CPR Accreditation Nil $50.00

Assumes members have not attained their Bronze or SRC


Proficiency will occur in October, any questions please direct them to your Patrol Captain or the Club Captain.

Before any proficiency is attempted, all members should have completed all Online Training – If you haven’t please discuss with your Patrol Captain.

Online Training

For On-Line training and skills review please refer to the following:

  • Please check SLSA ONLINE e-training and confirm you have completed one or all of the required training:
    1. Bronze Members – Skills Maintenance 2021/22 Bronze Medallion Theory
    2. Patrol Captains – SLSNSW – Supplementary Learning for Patrol Captains
    3. SRC Members – Skills Maintenance 2021/22 Surf Rescue Certificate Theory


If you need to complete the eTraining, perform the following:

  • Communicate with your Patrol Captain
  • Connect to site (Requires SLSA login credentials): Click Here
  • Login
  • Select Training Library
  • Select the eLearning course you require
  • Select SLS – Skill; Maintenance, for Bronze and SRC Maintenance courses
  • Select SLS – New South Wales Courses, for the Patrol Captain Supplementary Learning


Any Questions regarding online training or proficiency, please refer them to:

  • Your Patrol Captain
  • Club Captain