Kiama Downs SLSC Committee

The club has a local committee that manages and supports the clubs daily activities.

If you wish to be a part of the committee please do not hesitate to let one of the committee members know.

The committee members include the following:

President Brett Schweitzer
Vice President Trina Jensen
Treasurer Gary Trudgett
Secretary Noelene Sinclair
Club Captain Josh Douglas
Assistant Treasurer Julie Greenfeld
Vice Club Captain Ben McAlister
Registrar Kath Boniface
Training Officer Steve Guy (Skip)
IRB Captain Nathan Foster (Foz)
IRB Vice Captain Steve Strong (Strongy)
Radio Officer Trina Jensen
First Aid Officer Max Gunning
First Aid Officer Thane Irvine
Junior Activities Chair Bridget Seymour
Junior Activities Chair Tegan Wright
Junior Club Captain Lily Gazzard
Publicity Officer Not elected
Gear Steward Bob Sinclair
Hall Hire Manager Gary Trudgett
Uniform Officer Katelin McInerney
Safety Officer Steve Guy (Skip)
Welfare Officer Trina Jensen
Member Services Officer Not elected
Member Protection Information Officer Brett Schweitzer
Bar Manager Josh Douglas
Website Officer Wil Orellana
Public Officer Josh Douglas
Covid Safety Officer Josh Douglas