Hall Hire FAQ's

What time can we obtain the key for the surf club?
 Normal pickup time is 12pm on Fridays, 10am on Saturdays and Sundays, unless otherwise arranged.
What time do I have to have the premises clean?
 The entry stairs, main hall, kitchen, toilets and deck area must be cleaned by 9am.
What time do I need to hand the key back?
 The key will usually be handed back to the club representative at 10am the morning after hiring, Unless
 otherwise arranged.
When does the deposit need to be paid?
 The deposit needs to be paid along with a signed Hire Agreement to confirm a booking and hold the date.
 If the Hall Hire Manager has not received these, then the date can be handed to another person for hiring.
 The sooner it is paid once you have selected an available date the better for you.

When does the balance and bond need to be paid?
 All monies owing to the club for the hiring must be paid before or at the time of handing the key over for hiring.
What is the Public Liability obtained from Kiama Council used for?
 This insurance is to protect the hiree and any guests invited to your function. It also protects invited caterers
Where do I obtain this Public Liability from?
 This is obtained from the Administration Centre of Kiama Council, 11 Manning Street, Kiama, 2533.
 For more information call Kiama Council on (02) 4232 0444 and ask about Public Liability Insure for Hiring
 Kiama Downs Surf Club.
How many tables are available?
 There are 15 plastic trestle type tables available. They are 180cm long x 900cm wide.
If I use the bar, can I bring my own alcohol onto the premises?
 Unfortunately if you wish to use the bar then you can't bring any of your own alcohol with you.
 If you would like a special type of drink then please discuss with our Hall Hirer Manager to arrange.
If I don't use the bar can I bring my own alcohol onto the premises?
 Yes, if the bar is not used then you can bring your own alcohol with you. The hiree will be responsible for all
 liquor license rules, particularly around minors.
Does it cost anything extra to use the bar?
 It does not cost anything extra to use the bar. The bar staff will be provided free of charge and all alcohol must
 be bought through the bar.
If I don't use the bar do I have access to the wine and other glasses?
 If you choose not to use the bar then all glassware is locked in the bar and is not available for use.